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Michael, member since 1966

Michael, member since 1966

From our oldest to our newest, our members are at the heart of what we do at CHOICE, and why we do it. These are their stories.

CHOICE is...

Meet Liz

"As a new mum, I was overwhelmed with so much information from people who meant well... my mum, my dad, friends, my antenatal group. All of them wanted to help me buy good products.

But I needed a bit more independent information.

I wanted to be making decisions that weren't just about brands or satisfying somebody else's interests.

I needed them to be good decisions about safety, about money, about quality and about the company not just having a good reputation, but being a company with integrity.

So I turned to CHOICE.

CHOICE empowers me as a consumer and, actually, as a parent to make informed decisions.

Because CHOICE gives me information, and that's what empowerment's about.

It gives me knowledge, and knowledge is power."

CHOICE is...
something I believe in

Meet Alyx

"In Australia we're lucky that we've got quite a few consumer protections, but I think consumer protections could always be stronger, and CHOICE is the ultimate champion of that.

"Your CluckAR app is an idea I really connected with"

CHOICE creates a space where you can go if a big guy that a normal person would never normally be able to take on has done wrong.

The way that CHOICE stands up and defends people's rights and also has championed big campaigns based on the way things should be, and based on common sense, is really appealing to me.

And knowing that there is a resource out there that can help you and will even petition on your behalf when something doesn't feel right, or doesn't feel like it's the way that the world should be, is a real comfort.

I also feel really passionately connected to your social campaigns.

Your CluckAR app, that forced the issue of whether or not eggs are truly free range, is an idea I really connected with. It reflects my personal values.

I really believe in supporting an organisation that fights for the causes I care about."

CHOICE is...
fearless advocacy

Meet Ron

"Like the Robin Hood or Ned Kelly of the corporate world"

"I can trust that CHOICE is working on behalf of me, as a consumer. That you're not tied to any interests: there's no sponsorship money that's going to sway your opinion.

CHOICE is independent and I value that.

I’m also interested in CHOICE campaigns like overcharging on credit cards, or high credit card surcharges.

These are things that affect my pocket.

Another one that was of personal interest was the CHOICE geoblocking campaign.

Frankly, I was surprised at how ferociously CHOICE went after geoblocking…

... like the Robin Hood or Ned Kelly of the corporate world.

I really back CHOICE, because there's no-one else out there doing that."

CHOICE is...
a timesaver

Meet Tara

"What prompted us to join CHOICE a number of years ago was that we were building our house. And we were going to be buying a lot of new products: dishwasher, oven, microwave, washing machine, dryer, fridge, the lot.

Then when I fell pregnant with my son, Reuben, I used it to buy baby products.

I'm a bit time poor now with a baby, and CHOICE has saved me hours.

It saves me a lot of time researching products, and then it saves me time in the shop.

I actually log in from my mobile a lot, so we might be in JB Hi-Fi looking at something and I'll be like, 'oh, we'll just have a look to see what CHOICE says about this'.

I count myself a pretty savvy consumer, and that's got a lot to do with CHOICE."

CHOICE is...
50 years of helping you

"I recently opened the August edition of CHOICE – which happens to represent 50 years of subscribing. It's interesting now to look back at the early editions, not only to note the print quality, but also the expansion of the focus on consumer rights and law.

Over the years my wife and I have always used CHOICE as a significant input in deciding our household purchases. We purchased the Astor clothes dryer 45 years ago, and it's still in use. It sits next to a recent CHOICE Recommended washing machine.

I still belong to CHOICE because I know I'm getting reliable, independent information about the products I'm considering.

My daughter usually rings me up when she's considering a purchase to see what CHOICE recommends.

Perhaps I should just shout her a membership."

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Words: Siobahn Donohoe
Imagery: Darrin Baker and Erin Farrugia
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